Cape Epic Race Report – Stage 1

Keep an eye on for daily Cape Epic updates from our eyes and legs in the pack, regular Full Sus contributor Kate Slegrova and Full Sus newbie Rens Rezelman of the Nguni Bulls team.

Stage 1

Stage 1:

113km over 2 500m of climbing.

In 2013 Dr Evil tested the Cape Epic entrants validity with a day of suffering through sand on stage one. How could he top that in 2014? Thorns…

Kate Stage 1_1

Kate Slegrova – rider number 53-2:

Follow Kate’s live ABSA Cape Epic Tracker here or on Twitter @KateSlegrova

Not an easy day, lot of punctures and lost lot of time fixing them. But managed to push through. My partner is great and super strong! The ABSA Cape Epic camp is huge. It’s not only the mountain biking marathon that tires you out, but also all the walking afterwards! Just been upgraded to proper house with bed and bathroom! Thanks to Tony Pushman for his superb support!

Rens Rezelman

Rens Rezelman – rider number 144-2:

Follow Rens’s live ABSA Cape Epic Tracker here.

We made it!

Worst. Day. Ever.

Five punctures… what a mess. Completely set us back. Every time we got going… bang! Hissssss. Stop. Repair. It really messed up our momentum. Lost a lot of time. But: we came through okay and we can handle any situation patiently.

The tyre (all punctures on the same one!!!) is currently in a holding cell and will be shot at dawn. I reckon if the bastard wants holes, we’ll give it to him. Bliksem.

The weather is turning for the worse. Talk of a cut-off low pressure system hitting here tonight (Monday night). 50-60mm forecast. Mudfest. Makes for tricky conditions. And the bikes take a beating. Oh well… so be it.

Nguni Bulls_2

Pre Stage 2:

Sombre mood in the camp this morning. Heavy rains have fallen throughout the night and a cool breeze is chilling us down. Today will be muddy. And bikes as a rule, don’t like mud. It clogs all the bits up.

After yesterday’s tough outing this is sure to kick a few people in the teeth.

I look forward to letting you all know how it went at the end. And those tracker units are clearly unreliable… don’t believe all the data you see!

(Note from the Ed: Yip, Rens’s assessment of the Trackers seems to be correct. They were really patchy yesterday)

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