Raising Rippers

I’ll admit I have absolutely no personal experience on this front. But I’ve coached a fair amount of school sport and studied some of the youth athlete developmental theories back in my days as a Sport Science undergraduate, with those lessons and my own experiences as a youngster taking up […]

Readers Go Bike Testing

The first Full Sus Reader Bike Test Day was a huge success. Hosted in the beautiful surroundings of Delheim Wine Estate the day was an intimate affair, with riders at times reaching frenetic levels of excitement at the opportunity to ride spectacular bikes on the awesome loop prepared by Dirtopia. […]

Soft targets!

We have banged this drum ad nauseam but as mountain bikers it is now very much on our doorstep – which in most cases is some remote, sublimely secluded beautiful part of the mountain or countryside. We are soft targets with expensive toys. Cyclists are being stabbed, hit with bricks […]