Lion King Diaries

Erik Kleinhans has joined the specialist marathon racing team of Topeak Ergon, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be hearing any less from the Lion King. Follow him on Twitter: @erikkleinhans, or visit

The #Albanator

THE LION KING has spent some months training abroad with his Topeak Ergon racing team. Read about his working relationship with fellow teammate and Austrian powerhouse Alban Lakata. Who in the Marathon Mountain Biking arena do not know the name Alban “The Albanator” Lakata? The three-time World Marathon World Champion […]

Winter is Coming!

“There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing”. It is a saying pretty well-known in the cycling community, and from Erik Kleinhans’ first-hand experience, it rings 100% true. When the sun rises late and sets early, it quickly becomes a difficult task to stay motivated and make […]

The Fire Ride

In February Erik Kleinhans took part in the inaugural Fairtree Capital Simonsberg Contour which was dubbed the #FireRide after the devastating Simonsberg fire which decimated the trails just a week before the event. The Simonsberg Mountain is my favourite around Stellenbosch. When you look at it on certain times of […]