F-Stop Vol.66

The new Eye Candy section allow photographers and budding amateur photographers to display a snippet of their talent. To have your images featured in F-Stop: Send us 5 images, include who we credit and a short backstory to Image Credits: Oakpics  

Coach: Women are not small men

FEMALE ATHLETES REQUIRE GENDER-SPECIFIC TRAINING AND EATING PLANS. IN THIS ARTICLE OUR RESIDENT COACH BENOIT CAPOSTAGNO EXPLAINS THE IMPORTANCE THEREOF. The last 30 years has seen a sharp rise in the number of women participating in both recreational and professional sport. For example, the percentage of women competing at the […]

Trails: Valley of Dreams

Words and Images by Jacques Marais “Ultimate” is one of those adjectives that are oft over-used, but in the case of the “Ultimate Southern Pass Trail’” I really believe it applies. This new multi-day route traverses half a dozen private properties within the Stanford Valley, and everything from the views […]