What does yoga mean to you?

There are many benefits of yoga, writes Joëlle Sleebos. It helps you take a holistic approach to looking after your body; it improves physical strength but also calms the mind. Yoga Online The older Yoga Columns are also all available online (go to if you missed out on one. […]

Yoga Archive

Here are all Joëlle Sleebos’ Yoga columns archived in one place. June/July 2015 | Sun Salutations | PDF Download   August 2015 | Cyclist’s Lunge | PDF Download September 2015 | Summer 6 Pack | PDF Download   October 2015 | Core – Back | PDF Download   November 2015 | Balance […]

Epic Hip Stretches

Practice these poses, prescribed by Joëlle Sleebos, to improve your hip flexibility and to help you recover from the gruelling Epic stages. Whether you are riding the Epic or are just spending long hours on the bike for fun in March, these hips stretches will help your body to recover […]

Find your balance

This month’s column is all about finding your balance; similar to learning to ride a bike, it’s all about practice, and the results can be wonderfully rewarding, writes Joëlle Sleebos. The following three poses are intense balance poses. As with learning how to ride your bike, you probably won’t get […]

Listen To Your Body

Have you been doing Joëlle Sleebos’s core exercises from the last issue? You should be feeling your abdominals getting stronger. Now it’s time to strengthen the other side of your core, your back. This issue, I thought to give you the chance to continue your core workout by adding two […]

Summer 6 Pack

Washboard abs are not just for show, they’ll protect your lower back against injury when you spend long hours of spring training on the bike too assures Joëlle Sleebos.  The days are getting longer, and we can finally look forward to the arrival of summer! But that means we will […]

Sun Salutations

“Yoga is for hippies, for flexible people and for women only.” Or that’s what Joëlle Sleebos thought when she was first introduced to it in Australia in 2007, now she’s writing for Full Sus to tell you how it can improve your cycling too. I’ve been combining two careers since […]