Coming out of the fitness protection program…

So here I am crawling out of my winter fitness protection program and boy is it hard to get back into it. Not because I don’t want to but silly little things from bike problems – primarily as a result of poor communication and effort by both my LBS and the local distributor of a boutique brand – lesson learnt – if your car was in the shop you would bug them endlessly – do the same with your “baby” – to health issues (not much you can do here) – to freezing, wet weather that is handled a lot better by the first rule of the fitness protection program: stay on the couch at all costs!

So the bike finally got fixed and I have (had) run out of excuses and its back on the saddle. Listen let’s be honest riding in the Western Cape winter is not for poofters: it’s been so cold that brass monkey’s are the least of ones concerns, chocolate mousse is standard fare and chain suck is something that’s part of the ride, ensuring your temperament is tested to the very limit. That being said there is a really cool sense of achievement having reached the peak and standing blowing smoke rings while looking down at the city, or stumbling into your local coffee shop and tucking into your favourite hot bevi and eggs benni to swop war stories with your mates. Nothing quite like being back in the saddle!

Oh and while on the eggs benni: no carbs, gluten free, no nuts, cauliflower eggs, fat-free bacon and just the hole of the bagel please….really? Phew I am really getting over all these food freaks – have you tried to have someone around for dinner lately? Yes, I should be, have been and am trying to bant, Noak, x-dieting, starve and generally try anything to lose weight – not only to try and keep up with most of my mates but also just because I need to lose weight – but for goodness sake. I so hate extremes, surely common sense should come into play here? And if you are doing the latest thing, then please be considerate to those who aren’t… I, for one, feel pizza should be mandatory on all eating plans.

My real pudding (and it has no carbs…) has been my first serious sports massage, post a nice long ride. I booked a session with Di Carolin – who is a top amateur lady rider and as a qualified sports masseur has practised all over the world – after a chat about my aches and pains – which as an athlete she understood immediately – she attacked. I was a mixture of tears and drool. Di found all my knots and sore points and worked the hell out of them. I left with a lop-sided grin and felt a little tender; but what a difference. I can say without a doubt my post-ride recovery was significantly quicker, my aches all but gone. I am a convert and massage is now firmly part of my
training regime. We have asked Di to write us a piece or two on massage – what it’s about, how it works, the benefits and pros of including it in your cycling life. Look out for the first article in the next Full Sus.

Finally a good mate of mine and contributor to Full Sus, Dominic Malan was attacked early morning on his way to our local riding haven Tokai. Fortunately Dom managed
to get away from the thugs – he was lucky. He immediately sent out a message to everyone warning against riding alone. First I am really glad that Dom is ok but I am furious that we cannot even ride our bikes without fear of being attacked for our possessions – WTF?!?

Understandably the police cannot be everywhere but we do need some firm action against these criminals! Please take care out there, think about where and when you are riding and try at all times ride with a friend or group. It is beyond frustrating as it seems like we are helpless against these fiends. Don’t take them on, but don’t let them run us off our bikes! Be safe!

See you on the trails.


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