Cycle and Be Happy, says Bestmed

By investing in initiatives like the Bestmed-ASG women’s professional cycling team and the new National Cycling Series, Bestmed is aiming to give the health and wellbeing of all South Africans a boost.

According to executive head of marketing, sales and distribution Chris Luyt, cycling is an accessible sport for those who strive to live longer and lead healthier lives.

“We are a nation that enjoys sport and exercise and we back cycling because it’s the perfect lifestyle and family-orientated activity,” said Luyt.

The Bestmed National Cycling Series comprises six road classics and seven mountain bike races throughout the year and across the country.

“We believe that sponsoring sporting events encourages people to exercise, which is a key factor in achieving and maintaining optimal health.

“Having a year-round calendar of events is just added motivation to keep on training, competing and having fun on the bike.”

Luyt said the sport tied in perfectly with the medical scheme’s four strategic wellness pillars: Be Happy, Be Active, Be Safe and Be Nutri-Wise.

“To become active is the first step in being healthy and happy. Building exercise into your daily schedule helps to reduce the damaging effects of stress and maintain a good balance between work and play.”

Bestmed’s partnership with the Cancer Association of South Africa and Incolabs furthermore promoted the message of staying sun smart and safe from skin cancer, he said.

“From a Nutri-Wise perspective, you are only as good as the food you eat. In cycling, you need stamina and a healthy mind, so balanced nutrition is key.”

Luyt said elite sportspeople like the Bestmed-ASG women’s team were ambassadors for a healthy lifestyle and represented values that the medical scheme promoted and to which the public aspired.


  • Bestmed Walkerville MTB Classic – 23 May 2015
  • Bestmed Sondela MTB Challenge – 27 and 28 June 2015
  • Bestmed Makro MTB Challenge – 5 September 2015
  • Bestmed PowerAde Lost City MTB Challenge – 16 August 2015
  • Bestmed Satellite MTB Classic – 18 October 2015
  • Bestmed Paarl MTB Classic – 21 November 2015
  • Bestmed Ballito Expedition – 14 November 2015


  • Bestmed Capital Classic – 17 May 2015
  • Bestmed Jock Tour – 17-19 July 2015
  • Bestmed PowerAde Lost City Road Classic – 15 August 2015
  • Bestmed Makro Cycle Tour – 6 September 2015
  • Bestmed Satellite Classic – 17 October 2015
  • Bestmed Tour of Good Hope – 29 February – 4 March 2016

For more information on the Bestmed National Cycling Series click here.

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