DarkFEST 2021 – It’s On.

Stellenbosch – The question that’s been plaguing the internet can finally be answered… After months of speculation and chat feeds filled with rumours, Sam Reynolds has filled the freeride MTB void with some good news for fans of big air:

Image Credit: Ryan Franklin


“We’re ecstatic to be on the ground in South Africa and looking forward to opening up the DarkFEST course this year!” – Sam R, live from the Hellsend compound in Stellenbosch, SA.


After cancelling the event in February of this year, the crew decided to lay low until international travel became more viable, causing endless questions to pop online; ‘When’s DarkFEST?’ ‘What happened to DarkFEST this year?’ The crew simply couldn’t ignore the global uproar. While parts of the world are still in severe lockdown, luckily, South Africa is open for events. Sam couldn’t resist the opportunity to do DarkFEST again.


With a select few legendary riders invited to participate in this year’s event, the mission is to unveil the giant course. Then give it a lick of fresh dirt, dust off the big bikes and get ready for some FEST size action. Names like Adolf Silva, Bienvenido Aguado, Szymon Godziek and World Cup rider Theo Erlangsen will be heading to the Hellsend Dirt Compound. They’ll be riding the biggest and longest Fest course ever built.


DarkFEST will take place between 19-28 May, and the freeride MTB crew will be riding during this window when the weather allows them to. It is a closed event and will have some of the world’s best big air and downhill riders in attendance.


DarkFEST 2021 Rider List

Sam Reynolds

Clemens Kaudela

Ike Klaassen

Theo Erlangsen

Adolf Silva

Bienvenido Aguado

Sergio Layos

Kade Edwards

Kaos Seagrave

Sam Hodgson

William Robert

Vinnie T

Tom Isted

Szymon Godziek


DarkFEST events are designed and run by the riders, showcasing the world’s elite freeriders jumping colossal courses that don’t exist anywhere else on earth. The rider-voted awards are handed out following a jam format, one of the most anticipated and celebrated series in mountain biking.


Since touching down in South Africa, Sam has wasted no time getting stuck in on the course with some help from a crew of dedicated locals, and it’s paying off! Now joined by Austrian rider and course build specialist Clemens Kaudela behind the helm of the digger machine, they’ll be able to put on the finishing touches to get this beast of a line rideable in time for the event window, which will run from the 16th to the 26th of May.

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