Dirtopia Welvanpas All Mountain Enduro


Date: 13 July 2014

Venue: Welvanpas Trails, Wellington

Start time: 09h15 & registration opens at 08h00

Enduro Riding (4 Stages):
The concept is a lot of fun – riders get timed only on certain sections, which make a very social event, especially at the refreshment station where they re-group. The atmosphere is relaxed with no rush anywhere, except when you gun it between check points!

Timing: Have to own an Amarider Trail Tag. R100 or take a yearly Amarider membership of R225 and a Tag is included!

Trail Tags will be used at all Dirtopia events (MTB & Trail Runs) like Die Burger MTB Challenge, Amarider 100Miler, Spur MTB Classic etc. and more Enduro events.

Watch out for the TAG POINTS at the beginning & end of each stage.

Pre-entry cost (Entries close 9 July: Pre-entries only!):

Come enjoy the thrills of Enduro racing on the amazing Walvanpas trails.
Come enjoy the thrills of Enduro racing on the amazing Walvanpas trails.

R225 for non-members and R200 for Amarider members

Please note that ONLY pre-entries will be accepted – enter now!

To enter on Entrytime click here.

Or download the entry form (and save R20 in card fees) from the event website.

General: Product prizes & medals to be won.

Directions to the venue: Visit www.bainsmtbtrails.co.za

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The first event was held at Dirtopia MTB Festival, Greyton in December’12 and proved to be a lot of fun. We’d like to bring you more of this great riding and improve the system in the process.

The concept

Based on the successful Mavic Trans Provence concept the idea is to bring riding and the results linked to it back to mountain biking and away from the current endurance-only formats. That said, it is not the idea to make the race highly technical as per downhill racing, but simply to focus the competition on the trails component of the sport. And yes, perhaps your skinny tire 29’er carbon hardtail is perhaps not the best choice of bike, although the course will certainly be rideable on it!

At the Dirtopia Enduro, you’ll still be climbing and even be timed on some of these sections. We will make most of the jeeptracks and roads ‘neutral’ or ‘liaison’ sections. You will still be required to ride these. The overall descent of the race will be more than the uphill.


Waterpoint with fruit etc will be placed at a strategic point (Pepper Tree) to assist with rider support. The beauty of the format is that you can relax a bit at this station and catch your breath before tagging into the next Special Stage.

Timing will be managed in real-time with @trailtag and riders will check in and out of the Special stages
This means that riders will enter special stages 1 by 1, so no bunfight to get trail position on the singletrack.

1. Only ride with your own TrailTag & ALL entrants must have a permanent Trail Tag
2. Wear the tag around your right wrist like a watch. Not around your ankle please.
3. The reader is powerful enough to read through arm warmers etc.

Timing data streams live to the internet www.trailtag.co.za.

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