Don’t lose your MTB mojo!

“I’m a little bored with riding so I started trail running”… wtf?  Bored of riding and then running to alleviate boredom seems to be the buzz phrase right now and I have quite literally heard it from at least half a dozen people. Really?  Surely then you are riding for the wrong reasons and need to evaluate why you ride and what you want out of it? My opinion is that somewhere along the way a lot of us stopped enjoying our riding and tackle it as a task and everything as a race. A race to get fit, lose weight, beat our mates, beat our times and completely forgot about the “fun factor”.

I guess that’s another reason why I haven’t bought into the whole Strava thing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for goals, having events and challenging rides marked off and firmly ensconced in your diary, I’m all for a healthy lifestyle and pushing as hard as you can when training or riding an event, however: look up dammit. Take in and admire where you are and the amazing environment you find yourself in. Appreciate the brilliant tracks and routes that someone has magnificently prepared, or plotted in the absolute gamadoolas, or in most cases on our doorsteps. STOP, chill and enjoy! Take a selfie (I had to find a way to use it – my kids are going to be chuffed) or even better take a few pics of your mates and yourself, in some brilliant spot that we’re privileged to be able to ride in. I get the cross-training aspect of running but do it for the right reasons.  Bored with MTB – you got to be kidding!

We recently launched our website (quietly in December) and are already on a revamp. Check out and if you have a bike related service or bike shop please feel free to add it to our directory. We are busy with our classified section where you can sell all second hand bike and gear – so another hub where you can interact with Full Sus.  Of course there is content so you can also have convenient access to things you read from the paper.  We also have a few exciting Full Sus products launching this year, including some really awesome riding kit. Watch this space.

There is nothing quite as nice as passing or in most cases, being passed, by ladies on the trails. The enthusiasm and growth in the female sector of MTB has been phenomenal and is extremely healthy for the sport. This issue has taken on a bit of a ladies theme – probably because it’s Valentines month and is the one calendar event that always puts Seamus under pressure, it seemed appropriate. Hopefully you enjoy it ladies and we’d love to have your feedback, suggestions and continued contributions.

I wish you all a safe, rewarding and fun year of mountain biking but I would also like you to take a minute to consider what the state of the rand is doing to the cycling retail sector. Most of the MTB products are imported and prices are skyrocketing. We already know the high cost of buying, running and maintaining bikes – it’s only going to get worse – so be smart, service regularly (read Stirling’s piece for some great advice) and make an effort to foster a relationship with your LBS – remember that they aren’t responsible for this mess and are also trying to make a living. That said, don’t be afraid to shop around, there is still great value to be found out there. If you are in the market or thinking about it, without a doubt, now is the time to buy.

See you on the trails!

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