Early Bird entries for joberg2c 2020 open

To all the crazy beautiful mountain bikers that inhabit this glorious but rough planet, this message is for you…

Seeing how fast we filled up in 2019, we are expecting a nice opening surge so get ready to push the right buttons.

joberg2c is a nine-day, 900km mountain journey across South Africa. The joberg2c mission is to remain one of the best-value long stage rides in the world. Simple as that! What you will get is 9 days of extraordinary escape from normal life. We want to remain more humble but yet sustainable and substance will always be more important than hype. Exposure to real South African life, communities and great riding will always be more important than media exposure.

We do understand that the upfront lump sum might be a bit daunting cash flow wise, so we have introduced a payment plan to make it a little easier to have access to this mountain bike journey if need be.

Watch the joberg2c movie – it will inspire you to make your move.

Your investment in yourself

This is not an entry fee. It is an investment in yourself. Life is short. Just ride.

Early Bird 10% Special – 20 June until midnight 30 June
(full payment needs to be made by 30 June for this option)
• Team of two entry – R23850 per person
• Solo entry – R28215 per person.
Normal price from 1 July onwards
• Team of two entry – R26500 per person
• Solo entry – R31350 per person.
The payment plan option below is only available on normal price entries and is available from 1 July.

Entering as a large group

If you enter a group of 10 or more riders, there will be a further 10% discount.

In order to qualify for both the group and Early Bird special (20% discount), all 10 riders need to be paid up in full by 30 June 2019. Should you enter after 30 June 2019 and pay after this date then only the group discount of 10% will apply.

How to enter as a large group:
1. All 10 riders need to register first
2. In the referred by / where did you hear about us field add your “group name” all of you must add the same name
3. Send lara@joberg2c.co.za a comprehensive list of all the riders in your group (name, email and ID/Passport Number)
4. Vouchers codes will then be sent back for all the riders to then include in the payment page.

* Large groups will have tents grouped together where possible.


For more information visit: www.joberg2c.co.za

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