Elgin MTB Route Expansion Launch

The regular Elgin mountain bikers will be chuffed to hear that the Paul Cluver and Oak Valley routes have now been joined by bridges and styles over the various fences separating the farms. That means there is now an uninterrupted 70km route which can be ridden at your leisure – not just during selected events – in the Elgin valley.

They’ve also been doing some work on the existing trails. Oak Valley have tidied up after, what we hope is the worst of, the winter rains and putting in some bridges across some particularly boggy sections. On the Paul Cluver trails, the winemaker Andries, has installed drainage ditches on the wetter parts of their trails too, which also made a great difference to the general ride-ability of the trails.

You can now start at either Paul Cluver or Oak Valley, purchase a R60 day-pass and ride both trail sections, clocking up to 70km of trail without repeating yourself. Or for R40 ride just one of the farms. There are also annual permits available and you can find out all about it by going to www.elginmtb.co.za.

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