Enter the Dr Evil Classic as soon as possible!

Limited entries remain of the 350 cut off – BUT we are still offering a 10% discount if you enter MANUALLY because we understand that life can be expensive.


To enter visit: http://www.drevilclassic.com/

Some top training tips from the Dr himself:

  1. There’s no better motivation to train in the winter than having a goal to train for. I would start with ENTERING the Dr Evil Classic, huge fun and highly manageable in terms of fitness required.
  2. Once entered the key should be CONSISTENCY, in other words, rather do a little, often, than a lot in one go.
  3. I would aim to ride 3-4 times per week to start, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 1hour each day miminum, then a ‘longer’ ride on the weekend of say 2-3hrs. this you can slowly build up, but consistency is the trick.
  4. Make sure to incorporate some fun riding, or technical riding. It will help for day three when we explore the Harkerville and Cairnbrogie trails.
  5. Have fun!


This year the goody bag IS a quality bag – as in a Great event Branded Backpack.

Plus your Dr Evil Backpack will have an event branded Poc Pac multi use bag, our fabulous new nutrition partner – Isostar product, Squirt samples, a Red Bridge Brewery Craft Beer Token and that is just the treats we have to date – we will be adding more as we approach race date.


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