First section of Cradle of Humankind MTB trail nearing completion

After a short break over the festive season, the mountain bike trail construction team is back on site at the Cradle of Humankind.

 The team has begun constructing the next section of the trail – from the Bridge crossing past the Rhino and Lion reserve further up the trail. The Working for Fire team is once again assisting with the trail corridor clearance, and the first 4km of the trail is nearing completion.

And more good news: an event organiser has asked the Cradle of Humankind management team if they can use part of the trail for a mountain biking event in February. This event will help the team form a better picture of what would be required if we are to regularly permit events here. Every safety precaution will be used at the event, including marshals at the major road intersections to manage traffic and riders.

Thanks to everyone who has respected the Cradle of Humankind’s call to stay off the trails thus far. For safety reasons please continue to heed this call, although you are welcome to visit on foot to inspect the trail work and discuss progress with the trail crew.

If you’d like any further information of the trail building project please don’t hesitate to contact the project organisers Gail Jennings – or Hein Pienaar – .

Please visit the project website to see the map of the proposed trail, construction updates, meeting report backs and more.

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