We get to test the new Oakley Kato’s, coffee for mountain bikers and a nifty new tool from the guys at Lyne Components.



The “Batman” mask of sports glasses! Yip they do look like the Bat’s mask but seriously they also look super cool! I was fortunate enough to have a choice of colours and saw the red, blue and gold up close and personal – the Gold was just to bling for me, the red a little to OTT but the Blue were perfect. Colour decided… important if you consider the size of the lens. Essentially one perfectly shaped lens that wraps elegantly over the bridge of your nose and of course arms to keep them on your pip. Having tested a number of shades over the year’s I have always maintained that I don’t normally climb with glasses on. At my speed they tend to get steamed up quickly and become a nuisance. These have to be the first pair of cycling glasses where I can comfortably climb with them on, even in cooler weather.

I have found that this is a trade-off though – in order to get the effective clarity when climbing you need good air flow and this for me was achieved by the gap between my cheek bones and the lenses, on a cold day when descending quickly this airflow isn’t optimum. You need to play with the settings – which you cannot do on the fly – in order to find what works for you – this would be my only negative but it doesn’t in any way detract from what are the hottest shades out there at the moment. The Prizm lenses are potentially the best lenses in the business; they just make everything pop while your eyes are well protected from UV damage. Overall I love the Kato’s – they really look good but are also fantastically functional.

Oakley Kato | RRP R3800



Yes, yes coffee brands are a bit like craft beer, there seem to be hundreds of them out there but not all are good or suit your taste buds. The Darling of Coffee jumped on the coffee band wagon and not only have they acknowledged the beautiful country town they are located in but also created a brand that cleverly reflects their love for MTB. Sanja Steyn is the driving force behind the coffee brand and as the wife of Darling’s main trail builder it made perfect sense to combine their passions.

Not only are they firmly positioned to appeal to cyclists but also have named their different blends very cleverly:


Single Speed: Medium-dark roast. Perfect for cappuccinos
RRP 1kg = R300 250g = R85

Granny Gear: Medium roast. Full bodied and more robust for early morning wake up or after dinner drinking.
RRP 1kg = R270 250g = R87

TESTED: 29er: Medium-dark roast. Smooth easy drinking coffee for americano coffee and latte.

This was the first coffee we tried. Definitely lighter than what we were used to. A lovely nutty flavour though. Easy drinking and great for multiple cups through the day.
RRP 1kg = R270 250g = R87

TESTED: Hardtail: Medium-dark roast. Smooth easy drinking coffee for americano coffee and latte.

We loved this blend. Strong, but not overly so. Darker roast, with a great mouth-feel and while having a good coffee “bite” not so much that it was bitter. This is the perfect pre-ride cortado coffee and for that mid-afternoon pick me up. It is also a winner for after dinner. Loved it.
RRR 1kg = R300 R250g = R85

The Darling of Coffee is also available in bulk and for retail outlets. to place your orders! We’ve just placed ours!



The folks at Lyne are not only local guys, which makes them even easier to support, they are also the company that bring you one of the most popular dropper posts in S.A. They are a clever bunch and have developed another smart tool for us. The Shred Zeppelin is a 4 in 1 functional tool that looks like a CO2 cannister (bomb), it includes: plug applicator, plugs that can be topped up again as you use them, a CO2 regulator and something we always struggle to find and have on us, a valve core tool – so you can remove the valve inner. The body of the Zepp turns into the bomb applicator – screw the bomb into the Zepp and the regulator is ready to fit onto your valve. It is really light and simple to carry – without getting lost – I also used it to carry my quick release chain link in. Lekker little gizmo!

Shred Zeppelin – Lyne Components | RRP R399


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