Here’s to another 13 Kingfisher MTB’s

The Hoekwil Primary School’s fundraiser, the Kingfisher MTB has grown massively over the last few years and as it’s held in a terrific part of the country for mountain biking Full Sus jumped at the chance to let Clive Rennie tell you all about it.


Taking place in the Hoekwil Wilderness area and including areas that cannot be accessed normally the 70km route of the Kingfisher MTB day is always fantastic. From the Kingfishers’ humble beginning in 2001 to what it is now, I can only say – wow! I’ve been mountain biking for the past 15 years, and I can confirm that this race is one of the best I’ve participate in. Why do you think I’ve come back 13 times! Thank you to Hoekwil Primary School for recognizing this achievement this year and naming me the Kingfisher Legend.


I remember the first race’s route was the “Bush Road Ride” route. For riders not familiar with the area the route was from Hoekwil down the Seven Passes road to the Wilderness Heights turnoff, down Whites Road and back up the Serpentine Road to Hoekwil. The short race was this loop once, with the longer race consisting of doing the loop twice.

In 2002, the route changed to include areas in Bergplaas and it has evolved since then to the amazing event it is now. To ride in the Bergplaas forest plantation is a real privilege! Cape Pine deserves a big thank-you for allowing us to ride through this MTB heaven. We must also thank Tekkie Town for allowing us to ride through their Lakes Eco property, with views of all the lakes below – it’s exquisite.

We must have one of the most beautiful rides around. The routes, both the 40km and 70km must be among the most stunning and challenging ones in the country, with an ascent of 800m and 1 700m respectively. The route was excellently marked out, with no reports of riders losing their way.

Worthy of special mention is the superb single track through Oakhurst Farm. I see why this was placed at the end of the ride. It was definitely the “cherry on the top”.

I’m not a good single track rider, but this one seemed to just flow. The bridges and stream crossings were so well constructed, that any rider could ride the trail without any concerns.

The water tables en route were also a real treat. In fact, too good! I felt like staying at each one and feasting, but I knew this would not do my race time or waist line any good. They had so many treats. I wonder if any riders did the tables justice.


The organization of this event was flawless, from the entry to the finish and everything in-between. The Kingfisher MTB Marathon Series 2014 was superb. I can honestly congratulate Hoekwil Primary for an excellent job! The fact that this race is organised and run by parents and teachers from the school, makes it all the more special.

Well, another Kingfisher done and dusted. I hope to compete in another 13! This is a race that I highly recommend riders mark on their calendars. You will not regret it!

Where are we?

Hoekwil is a village just off the N2 outside Wilderness on the Garden Route. Its coastal forest covered hills and dales form part of the foothills of the Outeniqua Mountains making it a mountain biking heaven of note.

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