Interwaste commit to waste management within the mountain biking sector

Interwaste, a leading South African waste management company, today announced that it be proving the waste and recycling support for the upcoming Sani2c trail event, which takes place on 12th – 16th May 2015.

“Waste management is a critical component to the sustainability of such events, and we estimate that approximately 0.5kgs of waste will be generated per person per day during this 9 day event. As a result, synergies between event organisers, service providers and the community are essential to promote best practice in all aspects of waste management and recycling. I am pleased to say this is exactly what we are doing through this partnership,” says Jason McNeil, Sales Director at Interwaste.

Now in its 11th year, Sani2c attracts the interest of both local and international competitors – as it brings the challenge of a cycling event within reasonable reach for all levels of athletes. The respective routes cover a number of properties between Heidelberg, the Sani Pass and the Indian Ocean – from city to mountain passes.  “As such, Interwaste will be on the ground providing waste management for 3 of the 4 base camps, including; Underberg, MacKenzie and Jolivet,” says McNeil.

“It is imperative that all these areas remain free of the type of waste that is usually generated from such events, and as part of our continued commitment to recycling, we felt there was a strong synergy for our business here –to actively support environmental protection.”

Not only will Interwaste be providing bins at the camps for both recyclables and general waste, but it will also be undertaking wet and dry waste separation for easy recycling and environmentally sound waste disposal. “What’s more, we will also look at undertaking a carbon calculation for the recyclables collected during the races, which will indicate the carbon emissions saved from polluting the surrounding areas,” continues McNeil.

“The Sani2c race also focuses on ‘giving back’, by giving sponsors the opportunity to raise money for their community. To this end, as part of our commitment to the event, Interwaste will donate a portion of the funds from all recyclables collected to the local community,” adds McNeil.

“There is no doubt that waste management plays a critical role in preserving our environment, and with races such as these, we believe all steps taken, make a significant difference in carbon emission management and control,” concludes McNeil.

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