Interwaste recycles 44% of all waste generated at Sani2c

Interwaste, a leading South African waste management company, has announced that it managed to recycle 44% of all the waste generated by riders and participants at the recent Sani2C event. This follows its sponsorship of this iconic cycling race, which took place from the 12th – 16th of May 2015.

“An event such as Sani2c passes through some of South Africa’s most beautiful sceneries and preserving these areas – while allowing an event of this stature to take place – is a key aspect to the race,” says Alan Willcocks, CEO of Interwaste.

“We are very proud that our sponsorship formed a critical pillar to this preservation – where we managed to recycle 44% of all waste collected during the race, with the rest of the waste being diverted to an approved landfill site, ensuring no waste was left behind at all. If we put this into real terms, we can say for sure that we saved 1 771CO2 kg’s which is equivalent to powering one middle income home with electricity for an entire year

Interwaste provided on the ground waste management for 3 of the 4 base camps, which included; Underberg, MacKenzie and Jolivet respectively.

Over the course of the race, Interwaste allowed for wet and dry waste separation to ensure that all dry waste could be recycled while all wet waste could be disposed of in an environmentally sound manner. In addition to this, Interwaste provided Eezee Bins at the most convenient points in and around the race, to ensure the recyclable product could be easily collected and to keep the race as clean and beautiful as possible.

“Our achievement at Sani2c is testament not only to our commitment to the preservation of our communities but our ability to actively manage different types of waste, where it is needed most – something we pride ourselves on. Going forward, we have committed to participating in future events, with the aim of achieving a zero waste to landfill for the event and, in turn, achieving carbon neutrality,” concludes Willcocks.

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