Into thin air… altitude training at sea level!

I have started training for this year’s Wine2Whales, faithfully following Dr Mike Posthumus’ training program. Then I got a call from Xavier Scheepers, at BikePlus, and he proposed that I incorporate their Altitude Centre into the programme. Mike and the guys from Science2Sport have collaborated with the Altitude Centre and have produced programmes for their athletes that incorporate the facility. So first things first I needed to know what I was in for. Let me say I am firmly in the Buffalo category – I am nowhere near a race snake – but this never ever came up with the guys: “no matter your situation you will benefit from the Altitude Centre training” said Xavier.

“Training at altitude is like giving the body a tune up. You feel better; you have more energy, can run/ride faster and further and there is less wear and tear on your internal engine. You achieve more, by doing less.”

Sounds a little too good to be true, but hey, I need every bit of advantage I can get and if it works for the pros…

The Altitude Centre uses Wattbikes, like I needed another reason to try it, and these bikes monitor everything you do so there’s nowhere to hide. Training at altitude has long been the main ingredient for all long distance athletes so to be able to do it at sea level is not only novel but damn convenient. What I haven’t told anyone though, is that the main incentive for me peddling in(to) thin air is that apparently it encourages weight loss! Shhhh don’t tell anyone, maybe that’s how all the Constantia mommy’s keep in shape? Snake’sters here I come!

Shayne and his cycle partner, Richard Pieterse, will be following the Science2Sport programme developed by Dr Mike Posthumus in the BikePlus Altitude Centre and will be giving feedback here over the next few issues. 

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