Introducing the Smoothie Bowl…

Looking for something that feels more like a meal but still contains all the nutrients of a smoothie? Let Amy Burton introduce you to the Smoothie Bowl.

As the owner of a smoothie bar you would think that I slurp a smoothie for breakfast every day right?

Wrong. While I love myself a rich, superfood-packed fruit smoothie, and will be the first to sing praises about the energy-giving properties, raw power and nutrient dense ingredients of these wonderful drinks, I am actually not the biggest fan of drinking a stand-alone smoothie for my breakfast.

Now this is totally due to the fact that I (like many people I presume) feel the need to chew and swallow my food in order to feel that I have given my body enough sustenance to last through the morning.

Purely psychological to some degree I agree, but then again it is common knowledge that if you are blitzing your ingredients into oblivion, you are effectively helping your body to fast track the digestive process, thus using less energy to metabolize your food and absorbing the nutrients at a much faster rate. This means that if you are an athletic person with a steam train metabolism, you could be hungry fairly soon after consuming a smoothie (unless it is jam-packed with fats and healthy carbs that is).

So how do we reap the benefits of a nutritious and instant energy-giving smoothie without needing a snack during our morning run or ride? In laymen’s terms, just how exactly do I get to drink my smoothie and eat it too?

Well the answer is a Smoothie Bowl! And yes, all this entails is pouring your smoothie into a bowl and chucking on some tasty toppings for some low GI love, and a crunch factor of course. Quick, easy and pretty darn delicious!

So this week’s recipe is a strawberry/maca smoothie bowl topped with chia, cacao nibs, nuts, honey and goji’s. A few of our usual Superfood suspects are present in order to crank your brekkie up to the next level and power you through your daily spin or sprint.

Strawberry Maca Smoothie Bowl with Superfood Toppings Deluxe

Smoothie ingredients:

1 x large banana frozen

½ cup frozen strawberries (or any berry really).

1 teaspoon maca

1 pinch salt

1 tablespoon coconut milk

1 tablespoon organic coconut oil

1 cup water/milk of choice

2 tablespoons rolled oats

1 teaspoon honey


A handful of cashews

A handful of almonds

1 teaspoon chia seeds

1 heaped teaspoon cacao nibs

1 teaspoon soaked goji berries

A drizzle honey/maple syrup

Simply blend your smoothie ingredients until smooth, pour into a bowl and add toppings as desired! Add extra fruit, nuts, granola, coconut shavings or even some dark chocolate! Get creative and enjoy the entire preparation process and not just the eating part!

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