IZUZU Ride the Rock

The 3rd annual IZUZU Ride the Rock is rapidly approaching with the 7th to the 9th of February now less than a month away. If you’re still not sure of which stage races to enter in 2014 why not start with the first one on the calendar?

Here are 8 reasons to Ride the Rock

  1. Kick off 2014 with a serious ride: It’ll act as a yard stick to measure your year on the bike by.
  2. Stillwater Sports: If you haven’t ridden a stage race you can rest assured you’ll be in good hands with a superbly organised and (most importantly) well catered event.
  3. The Cederberg: It’s one of the greatest landscapes for mountain biking in the country – which is saying something given the local competition
  4. Only 250 riders: It’s small enough to be intimate but big enough to find a group at your pace to ensure you have good company throughout the ride.
  5. Single track for days: Three days to be exact. Hendrico Burger, Technical Race Manager has worked his socks off to take out as much district road as possible leaving the Rock packed with great single track.
  6. Climbing: Test your legs with the infamous Wupperthal to Eselsbank concrete jeep-track climb. It’ll let you know where you are in your training programme.
  7. The Cederberg Conservancy: it’s 182 000 hectares you’ll want to come back to explore again and again.
  8. No cell phone reception: Escape from the maddening crowds of the modern world into the bliss of nature as it should be, sans cell phones. Just think, no emails, no Facebook updates, no whatsapp messages, just you and your bike.

If you need any further convincing check out www.cederbergevents.co.za for all the Ride the Rock information and online entries. But hurry entries are limited to 250…

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