James Reid rounds out podium at PMB MTB Festival

A new multi discipline Mountain Bike festival held at Cascades in Pietermaritzburg saw athletes from around the world compete in a variety of events.

The main focus for Team RECM rider James Reid was the Men Elite XC Race. Classified as a UCI HC Cat, there were valuable UCI ranking points on offer.

After overnight rain, tricky conditions tested the elite men and women in the cross country races at the Pietermaritzburg MTB Festival on Saturday, with Israel’s Shlomi Haimy claiming the men’s victory. The 30-plus age categories and women’s elite race helped settle the Cascades MTB Park course for the elite men.  Even then the organisers opted to reduce the race by a lap because of the testing conditions.

James Reid looked as if he would battle Israel’s Haimy right until the end of the race for the honours, but a crash on lap three ruined his chances of victory.   Reid said:  ‘I crashed and broke the buckles on my shoe.  I changed shoes, used someone else’s for half-a-lap.  They were about three times too big.  Then I changed shoes again and started to chase the riders in front of me.  I felt good at the front.  It was a solid fight.  Shlomi wasn’t attacking me, we were riding quite conservatively.  It was just a freak accident.  I washed sideways and both buckles just sheared off.’  Haimy went on to victory ahead of Germany’s Martin Gluth and was thrilled to have recorded his first HC win.



1. Shlomi Haimy (Israel) 1:25:18

2. Martin Gluth (Germany) 1:25:32

3, James Reid (South Africa) 1:26:03

4. Sebastian Carstensen Fini (Denmark) 1:26:18

5. Alan Hatherly (South Africa) 1:26:59

6. Niels Rasmussen (Denmark) 1:28:00

7. Rourke Croeser (South Africa) 1:29:30

8. Anders Bregnhoj (Denmark) 1:30:44

9. Travis Walker (South Africa) 1:31:56

10. Philip Buys (South Africa) 1:33:31

In the second event of the weekend Simon Andreassen, a junior world champion in both cyclocross and mountain biking, claimed victory in the 50km Classic after a good fight with James Reid.

“It was a lot of fun.  Watching Simon is quite interesting because he pedals completely differently to other people.  You always learn, even from a guy who is four years younger than me.  He has got a technique-orientated style, a very complete pedal stroke, and he is pedaling all the time and keeping momentum.  We’ve got a good crop of [South African] juniors nowadays.  It is really good.  There were a whole lot that were still with us in Hilton and I didn’t know these guys.  That was really cool.” – James

Source : thesportseagle.co.za

Photos – Boogs Photography

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