Kleinhans, De Groot Crowned Fedhealth MTB Challenge Champions

Durbanville (Cape Town) – Erik Kleinhans and Robyn De Groot claimed gold at the inaugural 60km Fedhealth MTB Challenge at the picturesque Meerendal Wine Estate on Sunday, 06 September 2015 in respective times of 02 hours 36 minutes 41 seconds and 03 hours 35 seconds.

“Winning close to home is always great,” said Kleinhans.  “I was excited when I heard that the Fedhealth MTB Challenge would take place at Meerendal.  I really like the area and the racing here suits me well.  I enjoyed the punchy climbs and the flowing single track.  The route isn’t super technical, anyone can ride it, but of course it does become a bit more technical if you’re racing.  Mountain biking is not all about racing, that is why the ISUZU MTB Festival is great.  It’s a family affair.  There is an event for every member of the family, while Meerendal has the best wines.  The timing is perfect and the views on route are fantastic.  I’ll definitely be back next year.”  Derrin Smith came in second, while Nicol Carstens finished third.

According to De Groot, Stillwater Sports knows how to host great events.  “The Fedhealth MTB Challenge featured open trails and beautiful views.  It’s a proper mountain bike race, so you do need to be fit to really enjoy it.  I would definitely recommend this race.  It is soul candy for a mountain biker.  It’s everything that a mountain biker can want and it includes activities for the entire family.”  Louise Ferreira came in second, while Diana Carolin finished third.

Closing off a weekend of exceptional mountain biking as part of the ISUZU MTB Festival Cape Town, mountain bikers that were not yet comfortable with a 60km route could enter the less daunting 35km Fedhealth MTB Challenge or the fun 15km Fedhealth MTB Challenge.

Stian Pretorius claimed gold in the men’s 35km Fedhealth MTB Challenge in a time of 01 hour 38 minutes 02 seconds.  Pierre Goosen came in second, while Dawie Adlem finished third.

Allison Morton was the rider home in the women’s 35km Fedhealth MTB Challenge with a finishing time of 02 hours 06 minutes 28 seconds.  Beaulah Buitendag came in second, while Charmaine Adams finished third.

Ryan Peter was the first rider to cross the finish line in the men’s 15km Fedhealth MTB Challenge in a time of 36 minutes 11 seconds.  Alec Coleské came in second, while Christiaan Badenhorst finished third.

Hannelle Smith claimed the top spot on the podium in the women’s 15km Fedhealth MTB Challenge in a time of 45 minutes 11 seconds.  Kate Rolfe came in second, while Emmerentia Nel finished third.

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Fedheatlh MTB Challenge 

Sunday, 06 September 2015 Results:


Men:  1 Erik Kleinhans 02:36:41, 2 Derrin Smith 02:38:58, 3 Nicol Carstens 02:46:48, 4 Michael Posthumus 02:46:58, 5 Neil Bradford 02:49:46, 6 Dylan Rebello 02:50:59, 7 Bradley Weiss 02:51:44, 8 Mark Moir 02:52:15, 9 Nic Lamond 02:53:14, Martin Zietsman 02:54:38

Women:  1 Robyn de Groot 03:00:35, 2 Louise Ferreira 03:22:04, 3 Diana Carolin 03:30:01, 4 Ila Stow 03:34:06, Lara Wooley 03:34:10, 6 Ann Harrison 03:37:52, 7 Michelle Nielsen 03:53:24


Men:  1 Stian Pretorius 01:38:02, Pierre Goosen 01:41:35, Dawie Adlem 01:44:31, 4 Manuel Calderón 01:45:01, Johann Strombeck 01:46:37, 6 Ilan Meintjies 01:48:43, 7 Thomas Moss 01:48:49, 8 André Lambrechts 01:49:09, 9 Wilhbert Von Ludwig 01:51:54

Women:  1 Allison Morton 02:06:28, 2 Beaulah Buitendag 02:06:46, 3 Charmaine Adams 02:14:11, 4 Anneke Jacobs 02:18:21, 5 Phelia Burger 02:19:32, 6 Chelsea Horsford 02:20:52, 7 Lindsey Obrien 02:24:29, 8 Salomé Merwe 02:28:25, 9 Nophiwo Hala 02:28:34, 10 Ilse-Belle Heyneman 02:28:53


Men:  1 Ryan Peter Kellerman 00:36:11, 2 Alec Coleské 00:39:53, 3 Christian Badenhorst 00:40:47, 4 Hendre De Villiers 00:42:28, 5 Fred Coleske 00:42:36, 6 Barry Brandon 00:44:05, 7 Roger Kruger 00:44:24, 8 Theodore Moss 00:44:53, 9 Righardt Marais 00:46:13, 10 Ethan Marais 00:46:13

Women:  1 Hannelle Smith 00:45:11, 2 Kate Rolfe 00:51:07, 3 Emmerentia Nel 00:53:48, 4 Desiree Hulley 00:54:30, 5 Catherine Berk 00:54:57, 6 Susan Store 00:56:36, 7 Erin Jones 00:58:26, 8 Anika Kenny 00:58:43, 9 Kayleigh Scholtz 00:59:39, 10 Anita Venter 00:59:53


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