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Nalini SPINA Ladies Bib Shorts

A good pair of bib shorts will save you hours of misery on the bike. Without them you’re bound to be uncomfortable, so have a look at these. Billed as Italian perfection, the Nalini Spina ladies bib shorts are constructed from moisture-transferring Newport Xtra-Life fabric. They offer UV protection, muscle support and a body hugging fit – to show off the toning effects of all the riding you’ll be doing in them. But the key feature is undoubtedly Nalini’s HF Anatomic chamois. You can purchase them online from for R895.


Newline Ladies Bike Vent Jersey

This slim fitting, ladies cut, bike jersey is constructed from a mix of three different stretch fabrics to ensure the perfect fit. It’s designed with race orientated riders in mind, featuring airflow mesh, an anti-glide elastic back hem, flat locked seams and three patch pockets. Its microfiber construction allows for greater cooling effects, is quick drying and easy to care for, making it the perfect jersey for the wardrobe of the frequent stage race rider. It’s available from for R795.

MTB ShoeDiadora Escape 2 Woman’s MTB Shoe

If you’re to get the most out of your riding you’ll need a pair of woman’s specific MTB shoes, like the Diadora Escape 2’s. They’re designed to envelop the typical woman’s foot comfortably and securely. Featuring a fiberglass reinforced nylon outsole and suprell, with Morpho Cage A-M to ensure greater stability, breathability and comfort, upper and built in arch support they’re a well-constructed and reasonably priced shoe. Oh and they weigh 295g if you’re interested in such things. Find them on for R750.


Go Girl

Go Girl is the perfect device for those awkward moments when nature calls but there are no modern ablutions in sight. This silicone cone is great to pack into your hydration pack to make a mid-ride, road side stop a little easier. Just nip behind a bush… It’s best explained by the video really so go check it out on It’s also handy off the bike, where public bathrooms can be a serious hygiene hazard. The Go Girl is washable, remember urine is sterile, but you can’t use it indefinitely, so invest in the three pack. You can buy them online from for R185 for a single or R500 for the three pack).

 Specialized Saddle

Specialized Phenom Pro Saddle

Like a good pair of shorts a ladies specific saddle is also a must. Specialized pride themselves on their Body Geometry range of gear and their saddles have been scientifically proven to be among the best in the world. It’s designed to ensure that the blood flow isn’t cut-off by the saddle impinging on the arteries, veins and nerves feeding through the crowded pelvic girdle. The Phenom saddle features sufficient padding for an all-day ride and a slightly downturned nose for seated climbing. Visit for all the specifications and to find your nearest dealer.

 first assent freeride-shorts-ladies-s-818x1024

First Assent Ladies Freeride Shorts

With the growing enduro movement gathering riders all the time, there’s a growing need for ladies baggies. Without the tight fit of bib shots, but with all the comfort of a ladies specific chamois, the Freeride Shorts will have you looking the part while mixing it up with the guys on your local trail or in the next enduro event. Constructed with a super soft inner and a durable quick drying outer the Freerides are designed to be comfortable but tough. They also feature two zipless and two zip pockets and stretch rear panelling for articulation in the riding position. Buy them online from for R700.

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