Lesotho Sky Day 3

I think that last night’s thunderstorm was a battle of the Gods going on up there; it was a storm of epic proportions. As were the climbs today! Monstrous and never ending are words that pop into my mind.

We pretty much started straight into some super-fast flowing single track. Everyone bombed down the hill like happy kids, all smiles and chirps. It really was a fantastic start to the day. But after that, as is becoming the norm here, you had to work for your fun. The agony of the eternally long climbs was rewarded with superb, playful single trails – the pain was forgotten for a while. One switch back descent was super rocky and you had to keep your wits about you, dodging the donkeys and the cows on their way up. But it all just added to the experience of the day. Once again the views were heavenly and if only Lolita had let up on me a bit, I might have got a photo, but today was her day as we had far more open roads to ride. I had to vasbyt and dig deep to hang on to her. My powerhouse partner was a shining star and I am so grateful to her for hauling me up the last climb. As soon as we hit the last bit of single track back my energy seemed to come back again and it was all fun and smiles again… beginning to see a pattern here? The last stretch was the road back into Malealea Lodge and we flew down the hill to the finish and to the wonderful hospitality of the people at the lodge.


Though the wind was still a challenge today it was a much warmer and very pleasant.

Well done to Max and Rourke, Cherie and Vera on their wins today.

Diana Carolin


Sports and Deep Tissue Massage


See the video of Day 3 here.

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