Lesotho Sky: Final Day – Day 6

Fines last night was a good laugh, and so were the videos of the day. In fact the whole week has been full of laughs and good humour. It’s been a very memorable week with a truly fantastic bunch of people; the camaraderie of the riders and the hospitality of the crew really warms my heart.


 Lolita and I made a pact this morning that the last day would be a day of fun and photos. We had a ball. She posed in the flowers and with the kids, and I got people slogging up climbs, just because it was the last day it didn’t mean that Darrol and Chris were going to go any easier on us. The first section was pretty technical and then we got into some beautiful valleys full of willow trees and pretty yellow flowers. As we traversed along a single track we passed some men ploughing the earth with two cows and an old hand-held plough. Then we hit Water Point 2 filled out bottles, because by now it was getting pretty hot, and had a dirt road ride for a while, missed the turnoff and realised we’d done when two riders came up the hill towards us, then down into a valley and across a lovely cold river that I could happily have wallowed in for a while. Then up we climbed again and along the road passing the single speed guys who were taking a bit of strain, until we hit the tar the little sting before the downhill and a tricky bit of single track back to the finish, where we revived our Lesotho hats and everyone was congratulating each other on a ride well completed.

 We have had a wonderful week with no major mechanicals or crashes and are very blessed to have experienced this heavenly Mountain Kingdom on our bikes. A big thanks to Darrol and Chris and their crew for putting on such a memorable event!

WRP_0441 WRP_0176

 Congratulations to all that made it through the week and to the winners.

 Diana Carolin


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