Lifecycle Expo

March is manic, with the country’s two biggest cycling events scheduled for the same calendar month it’s hard to get a chance to put your feet up and reflect on what you’ve seen in March. The Full Sus team took a walk around the Lifecycle Expo during the Cycle Tour’s Lifecycle Week and while there is always a lot of roadie swag on display there were also a few eye catching mountain biking exhibits too!

The most visually appealing mountain biking stall was the Santa Cruz set-up, with the stripped down frames showing off the geometry of the Virtual Pivot and Single Pivot suspensions. The Dragons Sport folks also brought the Juliana bikes along and they’re certainly worth a closer look, so read the bike review on the Juliana Joplin on page 24.

 Pinarello DOGMA XM

Victor Momsen is not one to miss a trick and he had all the Two Wheels Trading premium goods on display, including his new carbon components, bike tool benchmark setting Lezyne tools and the nifty Münn kids’ bikes. The real highlight of Momsen stand though was a ladies VIPA, all decked out in white and pink. Keep an eye out for it in 2015 and beyond.

The bike we drooled over the most though was the Pinarello Dogma XM. At this stage there are only three in the country and we’re hoping that we’ll get a test bike to ride as soon as ASG Sport’s sponsored riders get theirs’, partly because we want to tell you how good the XM is but mainly because we just want to get the chance to ride one!

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