Lost legs and learning lessons at Curro Hazeldeen

Sus the Nissan Trailseeker #3

Report by: Martin Vos @MartinvosVos

Date: 30 August 2014

Venue: Curro College Hazeldean

Organiser: Advendurance

Website: www.trailseekerseries.co.za

Winners: Nico Bell & Robyn de Groot


Lining up for the start of the Nissan Trailseeker #3 at Curro College Hazeldean
Lining up for the start of the Nissan Trailseeker #3 at Curro College Hazeldean

An early morning wakeup was in order to get ready for the 70km marathon race at the third leg, of what is in all probability the most popular of all the mountain bike events in Gauteng, the Nissan Trailseeker Series. The third race took place from the Curro College in Hazeldean and marked the mid-point in the five race series.

The A batch started at 07:30, and as I was seeded in C batch I was there at about 06:30 getting ready to go. It was a very chilly start with the car indicating only one degree Celsius on route to the event. I was really amped and ready to race, but as soon as we started the race I realised I must have forgotten my legs at home. It was the worst feeling ever! My legs started to pain almost from go and I very quickly realised that this was not going to be a good day for me on the bike. At roughly 18km into the race I had decided to call it a day when my mate, and fellow mountain biker, Robert caught up with me and managed to convince me to carry on with him. But none the less at the 70km/40km route split I told Robert to carry on without me and that I’d be taking the 40km route instead. Robert wouldn’t hear of it and joined me on the 40km.

It was one of the worst days on the bike I’ve had in years I think it must have been combination of recovering from flew, antibiotics or something that I ate that my muscles did not agree with. Every little climb felt like a mountain and my legs just did not have any staying power or energy.

After finishing the ride I was in two minds about writing this review, as I could not truly do justice to the great work that the guys from Advendurance did for the mountain bikers who entered the race. But I felt it’s unfair not to give credit where credit was due… The Advendurance guys produced another event that lived up to their great reputation and the trails and routes we road was magnificent.

Taking the 40km split meant that Robert and I cut a whole section out of the race, so we decided to take it easy and just enjoy the tracks the Advendurance guys laid out for us so elegantly. About 15km from the end the elite guys come flying past. I was a little bit too late to capture the men’s winner Nico Bell flying past, but got some great pics of some others in the elite batch flying past close to the last water point.

At the end of the race I managed to have a quick chat with the winner of the ladies race Robyn De Groot a world class athlete and all round nice person and very well deserved winner.

I’m a firm believer in racing fair and when the race was over and although myself and Robert officially did cross the line. We did not follow the whole 70km route that we entered and we went to the race officials and disqualified ourselves from the event. There is no honour in cheating anybody at the end you only cheat yourself.

Thank you to the guys from Advendurance for setting up another world class event and trails. And a huge thanks to my mate, Robert Scott Peters, for sticking with me and nursing me home.

Robert Scott Peters nursed Vossie home.
Robert Scott Peters nursed Vossie home.


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