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April is a month of public holidays; great for getting out there and ripping up the trails but shocking if you are running a small business, not only our business, but also for the bike shops. Yes, the guys open as often as they can but there are staff considerations and of course a lot of people go away. It certainly has played havoc with our deadlines. The upside of course is that generally the weather is perfect and there are a heap of excellent rides about.   I hope you made good use of them.

Full Sus is a platform that allows for anyone to write and share their MTB experiences. This month we wrap up or Epic coverage, with ride reports from guys that showed true grit and completed the monster. It really is a race that captures the imagination of all cyclists and the Western Cape is certainly caught up in the fervour. When you hear first-hand what the regular guys go through to finish you realise just how tough it really is.

I am off to complete my third Houw Hoek MTB Tour, a ride I really look forward to. I completely understand the need for timed stage rides and the challenges and fun they provide. However, I do think that we need more of the Houw Hoek and Greyton type MTB rides. They’re billed as a ride for newcomers to stage riding – not newcomers to MTB riding – the Houw Hoek provides a challenging two day ride, untimed and focussing on fun, great organisation and awesome experience. The ride is booked out in days. It is truly a brilliant experience and one I highly recommend! I would like to hear about other rides like this. What would you recommend? Send us your top five stage rides, to, that offer similar criteria.

This month is also the second month we are available in Kwazulu-Natal – we would love to have some feedback from you guys. The Worlds in Pietermaritzburg were awesome, the Karkloof Classic another hit – you guys have some of the best tracks in the country – let us know about them!

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