Nedbank sani2c reaches out to local community

Himeville – Since its inception, the Nedbank sani2c has involved local community organisations to contribute and benefit from the three stage MTB event every Autumn and few bear out this philosophy more than the Underberg-based Pevensey Place.

Residents from Pevensey Place – a unique commune for people with Cerebral Palsy based in the foothills of the Southern Drakensberg outside Underberg – man the first watering point of the first stage of the race.

The task generates the ground-breaking organisation vital income every year however this is overshadowed by the zeal and enthusiasm with which the team of Pevensey Place residents embrace this event over the three days that they man the watering station.

“Pevensey Place has been with us right from the get go,” explains race director Glen Haw. “We know that we can count on them and as a community, Underberg is passionate about supporting and involving Pevensey Place.

“This is a really good example of the sort of organisation that we want to see benefit from its involvement in the race every year.

“They fulfil such an important role and always need extra funding to allow them to keep on doing the great job they do.

“While it is rewarding to be able to provide a platform for Pevensey Place to earn this extra income, it is nothing compared to the energy and enthusiasm that they bring to the event!” he adds appreciatively.

So passionate are the residents’ in ensuring they keep the sani2c riders adequately hydrated that occasionally a rider may get an unexpected Coca-Cola shower however these rare occasions are almost always greeted with an as appreciated smile from recipients nonetheless.

“The residents might get carried away at times – we have had a few riders who have had a Coke thrown over their heads to cool them down, only to be followed by bees for the next 50km – but the riders really enjoy the energy that the people from Pevensey Place bring to the event!

“Pevensey Place surprise us every year with new ways to energise the riders and last year we saw them organising a spontaneous Macarena, which our riders loved!” adds Haw.

The 11th edition of the Nedbank sani2c’s gets underway when the Trail event takes place from 12-14 May 2015. The Adventure then unfolds from 13-15 May before the cream of the the country’s top mountain bikers do battle during the Race from 14-16 May. More information can be found at

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