New look Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles

The new Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles have arrived and they are looking sharp with a glossy black paint job. This is a change from previous Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles, which were yellow framed bikes with black decals.

Sarah Phaweni, Executive Director at Qhubeka, explains that the decision to change to black bicycles with yellow reflective decals was made for several reasons. “Qhubeka is World Bicycle Relief’s (WBR) programme in South Africa, and we wanted to align ourselves with the rest of the organisation’s programmes in Africa, which use black Buffalo Bicycles,” she says. “Not only does this mean greater efficiency at the bicycle manufacturing plant – which previously had to paint the Qhubeka bicycles separately from the rest of the WBR Buffalo Bicycles – but it’s also a visual affirmation that we are one organisation with aligned goals, working to improve lives through The Power of Bicycles.”

Furthermore, the new reflective yellow decals will improve bicycle visibility at night, and the first students to receive the new look bicycles in Orlando, Soweto, earlier in August, have declared the black design “cooler” than the yellow bicycles.

The Buffalo Bicycle is designed specifically by WBR for durability and is created with rough terrain and heavy load requirements in mind. It is designed by WBR’s product development team, and tested and assembled in Africa with close attention to end-user feedback and rigorous quality control.

“We are committed to providing the highest quality, most durable bicycles in the developing world, and we are constantly looking to boost innovation and improve our product to ensure that our bicycles meet the users’ needs,” says Dave Neiswander, Africa Director, World Bicycle Relief,. “We have a fleet of riders who test current and potential components under the most punishing field conditions and we use their feedback to continuously improve our bikes.”

Furthermore, Buffalo Bicycles are compatible with locally available spare parts, ensuring that with proper maintenance they will last for years.

“Although the new black bicycles look a bit different from our yellow ones, they are the same robust, steel-framed, heavy duty machines underneath the paint,” says Phaweni. “And we’re still using our core brand colours, so I’m sure people who see our bicycles on the roads will still recognise them as Qhubeka Buffalo Bicycles. They might just stop to take a second look at our fresh new design!”

About Qhubeka:
Qhubeka is an Nguni word that means “to progress”, “to move forward”. Qhubeka is World Bicycle Relief’s program in South Africa. World Bicycle Relief is a global non-profit organisation dedicated to advancing education, health and economic opportunities by providing simple, sustainable transportation. Since World Bicycle Relief’s founding in 2005, it has delivered more than 250,000 specially designed, locally assembled bicycles to people in need.
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