Online community platform to host cycling stories and updates for Cycling SA

Cycling South Africa’s online community platform will become the main source of newsworthy information for all cycling related stories from within the federation, and beyond, in the coming months and going forward.

In addition to press releases issued from the National Federation, the online platform will also provide the provinces an opportunity to upload their own cycling news and updates, as well as provide members the chance to share their own interesting cycling stories or personal experiences with the steadily growing online community.

Cycling South Africa’s website will continue to house cycling information, records, important official documents and downloads for our members.


The new online community platform features all aspects of cycling news, categorised into specific “streams”. Members can select the cycling streams that they are most interested in following. Each week, members will receive a personalised newsletter, which will feature the latest news from the streams that they have selected to follow.

Members can follow news and alerts from Cycling South Africa. But most importantly, they can also share their own stories, and interact with fellow members. The functionality of geo-tagging their posts with exact locations of new trails, stunning routes, or areas of safety risk pinpoints locations all over the world.


Click this web link, or enter this URL for direct access to the Cycling SA Community website: Create a user profile with your CSAID (membership number). Post, share and engage with relevant cycling content to the forum.


Post your own stories on the “Forum” stream. Post any cycling news of interest – stories, videos, locations etc. View the current streams that are being populated with fresh content, and like or share these posts across prominent social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter. Members can also engage in discussion on the platform by commenting on the posts, with fellow members and with the Federation.

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