Overberg Touring

We’re often calling for more MTB tours and so here’s one you should strongly consider entering: the Potberg and De Hoop MTB from 7 to 9 August 2015. It’s two or three days (your choice) of riding in the magnificent De Hoop Nature Reserve in the heart of the Overberg, with routes planned by local farmers (and overseen by Pax Mosterd) on the reserve and its neighbouring farms. Day one offers 75km, 50km and 20km options, while day two provides a choice of 53km and 20km routes, and day three heralds a lekker social ride down to the beach for a spot of whale watching. Make it a family weekend and book accommodation with the De Hoop Collection or at one of the guesthouses outside of the reserve. To sus out the routes and details more closely visit www.gardenrouteevents.co.za.

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