Paarl Media OMX Pro Team

Mariske Strauss’s Orange Monkey Pro Team has undergone a transformation for the 2015 season with Paarl Media (the printers of Full Sus) coming aboard as the title sponsors. The move sees the team rebranded as the Paarl Media OMX Pro Team and they’ll once again be competing on the UCI MTB World Cup series and other UCI accredited MTB races around the globe as the team strives to reach their goal of being the top UCI MTB team in the world by 2020.

For South Africans the exciting news is the addition of the very talented Cherie Vale to the OMX pro-rider roster. Cherie has been a top local performer despite holding down a very time consuming day job for years, so it’ll be great to see her levels rise as she can now fully dedicate herself to her sport. Mariske will also be riding in OMX kit for 2015 and in another bit of SA related news the team will be racing the South African/German Silverback bicycles.

To find out more about the team visit the official website and follow them on Twitter at @OMXProTeam.

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