If you live in the northern parts of Mzanzi or are planning a trip into a high malaria risk area then you’ll want to take precautions. One of the most effective means of combating those pesky blood suckers is the use of the natural mosquito repellent, Para’Kito.

Para’Kito manufactures mosquito repellent polymer pellets which have seven essential oils impregnated into them. These pellets can then be slotted into a wrist band or belt clip which is then worn on your person or attached to a back pack. In the case of Lowveld night riding, you could clip it to your hydration pack.

The essential oil blend deters mozzies by masking the carbon dioxide and lactic acid, which your body naturally produces, that attract mosquitos. It unfortunately cannot mask your heat map, however, so once the mosquito is within three meters of you she (for the ones who do the biting are of the fairer sex) will still be able to track you down and inflict an irritating bite. So if you’re in a high mosquito density area you should look to double up on the protection with a second band or clip.

In our test, conducted in the most mosquito infested area we know, the Para’Kito pellet was left in a bedroom and they definitely reduced the mozzie activity. So it seems they have a slight repellent factor along with the masking effect. Using a single pellet did not completely deter mosquito bites, but perhaps doubling up would help.

The test subject, refused to wear the test band – due to its camouflage colour scheme – even in the comfort of her home, but with more understated, plain colours, on offer this shouldn’t be a deterrent to you. The essential oils give off a rather pleasant aroma I thought, which in a well-ventilated room shouldn’t bother even the most sensitive of olfactory lobes. They’re made from natural plan oils and are N,N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide (DEET) free, so Para’Kito is safe for children and pregnant ladies.

Oh, and the pellet is good for fifteen consecutive days and is fully waterproof, working as soon as it emerges.

To find our more go to Para’Kito products are available for purchase online or through the nation-wide network of retailers. RRP R180.80 per unit for the bands and clips, R121.30 for two replacement pellets.

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