Pedro’s Tülio QR Skewer Multi-Tool

The camera phone – an example of a genius idea, combining two items which you would need to carry separately into one item.  What a great idea, Gary Kroukamp thought when he saw the ad for the Pedro’s Tülio QR Skewer Multi-Tool.

A multi-tool that is combined with a rear skewer and is therefore attached to your bike! It’s always there when you need it! I’ve lost faith in saddlebags that eventually die, spilling their guts (your tools) along the track and carrying a multi-tool in my back pocket is uncomfortable, so I’m currently using a hydration pack for all my kit. This tool might actually spur me on to carrying a spare tube, bombs etc. attached to the bike, leaving only the tyre levers and a pump to carry in the pockets, perhaps?


The tool itself? Well, the skewer bit works perfectly as a skewer, with the tool itself functioning as a quick release. You don’t have to take the skewer out to release the tool. The tool has all the bits you’ll need, including a chain breaker. It’s beautifully engineered, anodised and won’t rust. And it weighs less than 60g.

The tool features two spoke wrenches, a chain breaker, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm Allen keys and a flat-blade screwdriver, so everything your current multi-tool has except a Philips-blade screwdriver, which you’ll hardly ever need. The only downside is that the Pedro’s Tülio is only QR compatible, so some of you will have wait for a through axle version.

RRP R590

Pedro’s Chain Pig

Chain Pig, chain pig, does whatever a chain pig does. Can it swing from a web? No it can’t. But it can clean the cobwebs out of your chain.

Chain cleaners are brilliant in theory. They’re supposed to clean your chain by simply clicking on and with the help of a degreaser strip the muck when you run the chain through them. But so many of them turn out to be terrible. Another lesson in patience from the world of bicycle maintenance. Not so the Pedro’s Chain Pig. It is brilliant!


With your bicycle standing upright, simply pour a degreaser, like Clean Green, into the bottom half of the Chain Pig, until the fill line, and position the chain in the groove. Then clip the top half on, over the chain, and hook the metal hanger into your lower jockey-wheel. With the Chain Pig in place all you have to do is rotate your pedals backwards/anti-clockwise and the Chain Pig does the rest.

We’ve used the Full Sus one after every ride for over a month and it’s showing no signs of wear. It looks like one of those simple but brilliant contraptions that’ll actually live up to their billing and keep your drivetrain running smoothly for ages.

RRP R330

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