POC Trabec Race

The bloom in trail and all mountain riding, and let’s not forget Enduro racing has done wonders for the R&D sectors of the mountain bike industry. One of the areas where we’ve seen a big shift in recent years is in the introduction of bulkier helmets. Joining Bell’s Super in the select group of the most desirable all mountain helmets is the POC Trabec Race.


If you watched the Tour de France you should have noticed the Garmin Sharp team sporting POC helmets so while the shape of the Trabec Race doesn’t scream race, it does have recent racing heritage coursing through its expanded polystyrene (EPS) core. On closer inspection it’s actually pretty aerodynamic, or at least as aero as you’d ever likely need for a mountain biking helmet.

It’s lightweight too, weighing in at 340g for the medium-large size. (If that’s a number of little relevance for you, the top of the range Bontrager Specter XR helmet in size large weighs 355g.) The specifications include an aerodynamic ventilation channel system of 16 vent slots, an aramid fibre grid for protection and durability, a vastly adjustable sizing system, and an adjustable visor.

The important stuff though is the fit and feeling of safety the Trabec Race provides. When you slip it on it feels light and comfortable. The chin straps are easily adjusted and when combined with the two ratchet sliders behind your head, you’ll be securely locked into the helmet in no time at all.


The Trabec Race envelops your head, providing a sense of security that a traditional helmet just doesn’t. The way a normal helmet perches on your head will feel positively dangerous after riding with your head nestled safely inside the POC Trabec Race for a couple of rides. Now we didn’t crash test it, to check just how safe it is, because we couldn’t find a willing volunteer to boost into a tree. So we’ll have to be content with its EN 1078 and CPSC 12.03 safety certification.

The only concern I have is the fact that the shell is made up of two panels, which could lead to the join between the two accumulating grit and dirt. But a soapy sponge will solve that issue.

RRP R2 700 www.puremotionsports.co.za

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