Words: Johan Potgieter | Images: Paul Ganse

Hey guys! So stoked to be back here writing to you guys in this column. I am currently in Europe where I am doing a couple of days’ quarantine in Austria and after this I will be joining up with my team for the first time in almost two years because of this pandemic.

So having been in the gravity scene for so long now and seeing how things have developed and how I have developed as a rider, I feel like I am in a good position to give the younger crowd who wants to start doing more gravity events and get into gravity riding more some tips and advice.

First of all, I know this can be an expensive sport, but in my experience, if you spend a bit more in the beginning it will probably work out a bit cheaper in the long run.

Get involved with shuttle days and meet friends who also take part in gravity events. The gravity scene is full of friendly people and they always have tips to help or old stuff they don’t use that you might be able to use etc. It’s like one big family.

The riding will be fun and the urge to push yourself to go faster will definitely be there, especially when you are younger. It’s super good to have fun, but take your time for getting better. It is a slower process and riding and improving within your limits will save you a lot of pain in your riding career.

Invest in some protective gear. Please remember, if you are pushing the limits of riding gravity you will probably have a crash at some point. They are mostly not serious, but something like a good set of knee guards and a good helmet makes a really big difference. It could make something that could be needing stitches or cause bad bruising just a very undramatic get up and go experience and you can continue having fun for the rest of the day.

Another good tip I can give is to invest in some coaching. The worst thing is, when you have been riding  gravity for a while and you have learned bad habits, it is super hard to unlearn them and correct them. So it will definitely stand you in good steed to learn the correct techniques at the start. It will also make the experience safer and escalate the fun factor.

I really hope these tips will help. The biggest thing getting into gravity riding is to have fun and you will definitely be having fun. I wish you guys happy riding. Until next time.

Johann “Pottie” Potgieter

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