In April PYGA invited a bunch of folks around to their new offices for an office warming and to have a closer look at their new full carbon stage race machine. With the Stage MX hidden for the welcoming phases of the evening, its black box drew constant stares from the gathering crowd.

Suspension guru Patrick Morewood talked the guests through the key design features of the bike and it’s clear that it will soon be taking on the likes of Specialized, Swift and Scott as the weapon of choice for serious stage racers.

The Stage MX is PYGA’s first carbon bike, and it features some amazing technologies, including PYGA’s slack and long geometry (slacker head tube angle and longer top tube), and a concept they call “Plus 5”. Plus 5 moves the centre of the chain line 5mm, so that it falls at the centre of the modern 11 speed cassette rather than 5mm, or 2 cogs, down the cassette as is the norm on most bikes.

The chain line issue is a throwback to the era of 8 speed cassettes, Morewood explained, and it’s a point that’s been overlooked as suspension design has become the vogue focus of bicycle manufactures.

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