RaceFace SIX6 carbon cranks available in SA soon…

Race Face announces the release of a redesigned SixC crank, using similar construction techniques as the Next SL, but with a bit more material for more aggressive all-mountain and downhill race applications. Like the Next SL, the SixC crank arms are completely hollow. There’s no aluminum spine or foam core in these crankarms. As of now, Race Face is the only brand that can make this claim, which is why they’re so damn light. In addition, they’re made in Canada, out of U.S.-sourced carbon.The Cinch interface is really smart. The idea of having a removable spider is nothing new, but they definitely get props for employing it well. The splined interface is simple and uses a commonly available bottom bracket tool-fitting to secure the spider or direct mount rings. The system makes it possible to run pretty much any chainring setup you’d like. The SixC options include direct mount single rings, spider mounted single rings and double ring options, with or without bash rings. Throughout all our testing, we haven’t seen the Cinch system come loose or let out even the slightest creak.To add even more flexibility to the system, when used with their bottom bracket the SixC cranks are compatible with almost every bottom bracket style or width. I say “almost” because Trek has its own proprietary bottom bracket that the 30-millimeter aluminum spindle on the SixC won’t work with.

Expected in SA : End June

RRP : R6 500

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