Sahmurai SWORD voted in top 10 most innovated products at Eurobike

GERMANY – Sahmurai SWORD has been chosen as one of the top 10 most innovative products at Eurobike 2015 by Bike Magazine. The magazine is Germany’s largest mountain bike magazine and every year it selects 10 products at the world’s largest cycling trade show (Eurobike) which they feel enhances the rider’s experience.

“We are honoured to be chosen amongst the top innovators from bigger production houses in Europe. We cannot be more happy. Lets hope the next products in the Sahmurai brand is as well received.” says Stefan Sahm, who had the idea of having a tubeless repair kit that is stored in the handlebar a few years ago,

“The trade show circuit was important for us, to create sustainable distribution partners in other parts of the world,” says Vincent Durand, co-creator of the Sahmurai SWORD. “We are 10 000 kilometres away from everything, but we wanted to keep the production local if at all possible.” By ‘local’ he of course means South Africa.

“The South African market is like a looking-glass for the international market, but we cannot compare ourselves with the kind of volumes that Europe or the U.S. offers. In South Africa everybody has been riding tubeless for more than a decade. That, combined with our racing culture, made for relatively easy explanation and sales. Europe is different in that regard. They still ride with tubes, so the education process of selling the Sahmurai SWORD was not just selling a tubeless repair kit, but started at the virtues of riding tubeless,” Durand said.

The Sahmurai SWORD is an easy-to-use, simple-to-store and – most importantly – safe way, of carrying a tubeless plug system on your mountain bike. Built into what are essentially bar-plugs, the system allows you store both the plug and reamer tool inside your handlebars.

The Sahmurai SWORD fits snug and locks fast inside the handlebars without any give or movement. It doesn’t affect riding in any way and you won’t know that it’s there.

The top 10 products are now open to public vote to select an overall winner. To vote for the Sahmurai SWORD hit (

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