Shimano release E-Tube updates

If you’re using Shimano’s electronic shifting components or e-biking components you’ll get more from the system by knowing how to use the customization and display options provided in the E-TUBE PROJECT and E-TUBE RIDE apps for mobile and tablet devices.


For riders using SHIMANO STEPS e-bike components or SHIMANO Di2 the E-TUBE PROJECT app is used to customize settings, update firmware and check system errors.

SHIMANO’s E-TUBE PROJECT app connects you to your bike via a wireless link to your smartphone. Once you’re hooked up, the app makes it simple to customize your bike’s settings to suit what lies ahead.

E-TUBE PROJECT App for e-bikes

Complementing the new SHIMANO EP8 e-bike drive unit, the new the E-TUBE PROJECT app gives riders greater control over how and where they ride. Riders who love to tweak settings will have the option to customize each power assist level (Boost, Trail and Eco), resulting in 10 levels of assistance between 20-85Nm (depending on the mode setting) with the option to reduce maximum torque assist from 85Nm to save battery power.

The timing of the assistance can also be adjusted. There are five levels of start assistance available, and these can be set for different rider profiles or for different types of rides (eg high-performance/extreme riding, casual endurance ride, etc). Choosing the Mild setting gives riders smooth and steady assistance, whereas choosing the Quick setting provides assistance as soon as the crank is rotated.


All of these preferences can be saved in two rider profiles, which can be selected at the push of a display button. Riders might be looking for a battery-saving mode (which can be the factory default) and may look for a high-powered technical singletrack climbing mode (which could be the second profile). What’s more, these profiles can be customised further via the app whilst on the trail.

Aside from being able to tweak assistance characteristics and change profiles, riders can also adjust other controls, such as automatic shifting settings and functions of the assist switch.

E-TUBE PROJECT App for Di2 users

Riders using the latest version of the E-TUBE PROJECT App for only adjusting Di2 settings will notice an updated visual interface, meaning it’s even easier to use, and errors are identified immediately so riders can fix them straight away. It’s also even easier to check for the latest firmware releases, ensuring that your bike is fully up-to-date with the newest functionality at all times.



As the name implies, the E-TUBE RIDE App is designed to be your companion whilst riding SHIMANO STEPS equipped bikes and it can also be used together with regular Road or Mountain bikes with Di2 or Mechanical drivetrains.

It is particularly beneficial when paired with SHIMANO STEPS E6100, E7000 or the new EP8 systems to display and monitor riding information thanks to the Bluetooth functionality in the Shimano e-bike computers (SC-E6100, SC-E7000 and SC-EM800) or in the EW-EN100 Bluetooth connector.

Screen display options show maintenance alerts and riding metrics such as speed, gear, time, distance ridden and remaining battery in SHIMANO STEPS’ ECO, TRAIL and BOOST modes plus newly added functions such as live maps, ride history and user-friendly graphical updates. Also when rides are logged on the E-TUBE RIDE App, they can be sync’d with Strava.

Whilst the E-TUBE RIDE App has most benefits for e-bike riders it can also be used by riders using SHIMANO’s Di2 Road or MTB drivetrains to display gear and power information.

Navigation is also possible via the app courtesy of the Mapbox base map which gives street-level detail and high-level path detail in forests or on trails.

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