There were two big announcements for 1×11 fans recently, but let’s deal with the first one first. The long awaited trickle down of SRAM 11 speed MTB technology has now reached the level of general affordability. The announcement of the GX range by SRAM on the 2nd of April (they had to wait just one extra day for obvious reasons) was possibly the happiest day in the lives of many a mountain biker since they first road a full suspension bike. The low-down on the GX range is that it is set to replace the X7 components, and though local pricing is yet to be confirmed Cape Cycle Systems say it’ll be similar to the current X7 pricing.

GX boasts the massive 11 speed 10-42T range cassette at its core, with the option of either 2 by or 1 by cranks up front. Also in the mix are the SRAM GX X-HORIZON™ rear derailleur, grip or trigger shifters, and an 11 speed chain.

Plus, for the diehard 2 x 10 fans there will also be a GX option tailored to the updated SRAM PG-1050 cassette which features the 2 x 10 performance you’ve come to know, trust and love. Visit for more info (if you’re not a believer yet check out their charts on the range percentage offered by SRAM 1 x 11) and expect to see GX locally by the end of May.

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