Suunto announces today a Suunto Movescount App release for Android devices, offering compatibility with Android Lollipop (5.1, 5.0), Android KitKat (4.4) and Android Jelly Bean (4.3). With the Android version of the Suunto Movescount App users can track, enrich, relive and share their Moves. When used together with Suunto Ambit3 GPS watch, the Moves are synced from the watch to Movescount wirelessly and settings and sport modes of the watch can be modified on the go. The new Android App contains most of the same features as the iPhone App and more will be made available in the coming updates.

The Movescount Android App is available in English in the Google Play store. The first version of the Movescount App for Android is being released as open Beta to gather immediate feedback from users. Updates with improvements will be released regularly during the following weeks.

“The reason for releasing this App as an open Beta lies in the complexity of the Android world. There are seven different Android operating systems and over 1000 different Android devices out in the market. Connecting these to our Ambit3 watches gives us over 8600 product-software combinations to test”, explains Antti Hermunen, Technical Project Manager for Suunto Movescount App. “To be able to deliver the Android app to the same standard as our existing iPhone app we need the help of our active customers.”

You can follow the progress of the open Beta, participate in discussions and give feedback at

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Pair your Ambit3 with The Movescount App for Android by following these steps

Using your Ambit3 with the Android App requires Ambit firmware version 1.5.44 or later. To update your Ambit3 firmware, please see the instructions at

Start Suunto Movescount App and turn on Bluetooth if it is not on already. Leave the app running in the foreground.

1. Enter Ambit3’s options menu by keeping [Next] pressed and scroll to [Pair]

2. Select [Mobile app] with [Next]

3. A pop-up screen opens on your Android device. Select [Pair]

4. Enter the passkey shown on your watch display into the paring request field on your mobile device and tap [Pair].


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