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Beating the Plateau

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers a reader’s question on how to improve without following a specific training programme. Dear Dr Mike, I seem to have hit a plateau with my riding. I’m riding as much as I realistically can, about 6 to 8 hours a week. I don’t […]


The Specialized Stumpjumper is one of mountain biking’s iconic names and the 2016 Specialized S-Works Stumpjumper FSR once again taps into the 1981 original’s innovative DNA. Words and photos by Seamus Allardice. 35 years ago the first Stumpy went into production. It was, not only for Specialized, a first – […]

Why should you support AmaRider?

AmaRider is fast becoming the leaders in general trail management, risk management programs and trail sustainability, says Meurant Botha. Whether you’re a farm or club owner, or just a rider, AmaRider is an organization that you should know about. With trail affiliates around the country, AmaRider is leading the way […]

Race to Rhodes – Part 1

What is Race to Rhodes? A mountain bike race? A ride? A hike? A challenge? A journey? Tag all these labels and add #addictive says Caren Henschel. On the Freedomechallenge.org.za website Race to Rhodes is described as a “500km, non-stop, self-navigated mountain bike race starting in Pietermaritzburg, KZN and ending […]

New mums diaries

Are you wondering what life is like after you have had a baby? And how on earth you manage to get back into exercising? Well then, keep reading Kate Slegrova’s New Mum on a Bike diary.   I was fortunate to give birth to my little princess, Mari, the natural […]

The Not So Sweet Spot

In this issue Dr Mike Posthumus answers a reader’s training related question regarding the infamous training “sweet spot”. Dear Dr Mike I have read a lot of contrasting information about what has been called “the sweet spot”. Some recommend training in this zone and others warn to avoid it. What […]

MTB Nirvana

Lisa Greyling may be new to the mountain biking fraternity but what she witnessed at the RECM Knysna 200 has got her hooked.  This year’s RECM Knysna 200 MTB race is in the bag, and honestly, I feel quite inspired by the whole event. I’ve decided to hit some local […]