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Superfly FS 9.7 SL – Epically fast!

When Shayne Dowling first got onto the really pretty Superfly 9.7 SL he knew there something was different. It was a rushed affair having quickly checked some cursory fitment points, clipped in and off he went – big mistake.  The Superfly is a race machine and like most performance vehicles […]

Scott Aspect 910

Here at Full Sus we don’t just give you information on what to look for when buying an entry level bike, we tested a few for you too. Here’s how the Scott Aspect 910 shaped up. The Aspect 910 is a striking entry level machine which looks better than the […]

The Pragmatist’s Choice

The Axis A20 is billed as being kitted with class leading specs, in its adverts, so it is fitting that we saved it for last in Full Sus’ hard tail entry level bike tests. It’s a slightly odd looking machine, the metallic grey with blue trim is easy on the […]

Riding the perfect Camber

When you get given a bike that costs close to R100 000 and you’ve been through the squint squad varsity of geek speak, you know that the bike is top of the range, expectation is high.  So it was with a little flutter of the stomach that Shayne Dowling sat […]

Mountain Biking Infidelity

To replace his aging Morewood Shova, David Bristow recently splashed out on a Canadian beauty called Rocky. So it was with some trepidation he took Patrick Morewood’s new Pyga OneTen 29er out on a date in Tokai. To begin with, let me re-iterate I am not a gadget guy (see […]