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Getting out of a Rut

Running water and rolling tires can carve mini dongas into your favourite trails. These wheel traps mess up your balance, steal your speed, and collect rocks and other scary stuff. They’re “usually” to be avoided, but they can be your friends if you follow James Thornhill-Fisher’s advice. Ruts that run […]

Conquering berms

Make use of James Thornhill-Fisher’s extensive knowledge to help you conquer one of the most enjoyable technical challenges in mountain biking, berms. A berm in MTB’ing is just a well profiled corner than allows a more natural riding position. It is a corner that has a banked outer edge that […]

Corner at speed and save vital momentum

With James Thornhill-Fisher’s advice on getting into the attack position in your armoury, it’s time to talk cornering. Remember you’ve worked hard to build up your speed and to shed it all in a corner is going to kill your momentum, so cornering efficiently is going to save vital energy.