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Don’t Panic!

Yes it’s only two weeks before the start of the Epic (or less if you’re slow in grabbing your copy of Full Sus) but there’s no need to panic write Craig Kolesky and Rudolf Zuidema. There are only days to go till the Prologue at UCT! There aren’t enough hours […]

Skills: Part II

This month, ladies, Diana Carolin will take a deeper look into your riding skills, your biggest obstacle, and hopefully she can help with a few tips she’s picked up along the way. First though I’d like to share a major fear that I had when I starting out and how […]

The Pickup: Become a better climber

During Swen Lauer’s many years teaching cycling skills he’s noticed how the majority of riders just ride over obstacles, like roots or stones. While 29er wheels have made this easier to do, mastering the “Pickup” will allow you to ride more smoothly, more safely and more efficiently. The pickup is […]

Getting out of a Rut

Running water and rolling tires can carve mini dongas into your favourite trails. These wheel traps mess up your balance, steal your speed, and collect rocks and other scary stuff. They’re “usually” to be avoided, but they can be your friends if you follow James Thornhill-Fisher’s advice. Ruts that run […]

Handling a drop

James Thornhill-Fisher is flying down one of his favourite trails on his new Rocky Mountain Thunderbolt 650B, when he spots a group of riders standing next to the trail, looking apprehensively down a rock drop.  Slowing slightly and cutting to the left James hits the drop… As I launch everything […]

Conquering berms

Make use of James Thornhill-Fisher’s extensive knowledge to help you conquer one of the most enjoyable technical challenges in mountain biking, berms. A berm in MTB’ing is just a well profiled corner than allows a more natural riding position. It is a corner that has a banked outer edge that […]

Mastering Sand

Riding in sand can be one of the trickiest techniques to master, but with James Thornhill-Fisher’s advice in mind you need not look for a place to fall the next time you spot sand on the trail. The type and consistency of sand can vary tremendously depending upon environmental factors, […]