Take the fuss out of washing your bike

After a long and dusty, or worse muddy, ride there is nothing you feel less like doing than washing your bike. It’s a schlep. But not with Namgear! Now it’s a seven minute process – for real.

I’ve been a little lazy of late, what with the hose from our building being stolen (or the neighbour took it when he moved out – which isn’t actually theft as he did buy it) and my bike’s been getting pretty dirty. I’ve kept the chain clean but everything else was looking pretty dusty. So when Marius Bronkhorst from Namgear told me how easily his products clean a dirty bike I wanted to believe him but it sounded too good to be true.

But let me assure you it’s not! This stuff really works!

It’s so easy too and requires no elbow grease, unlike most other products. All you have to do is spray the Bravo25 bike wash on your dirty bike (before you’ve sprayed it down with water even) and allow it to do its thing for a bit. After a couple of minutes you spray the Bravo25 and all the mud, dust and grime off your bike with water.

If your drive train is particularly dirty (like if it’s the first time you’re using Namgear) give it a thorough squirt with Charlie15. It’s a solvent based chain cleaner and as my chain wasn’t too dirty it worked perfectly on its own, but if your drive train is super dirty you could always run a hard bristled brush against your cassette and chainrings while turning your cranks to get the stubborn grit off. Or load your chain cleaner with Charlie15 to get your chain looking as good as new. Again once you’ve left it to work its magic, spray the muck and Charlie15 off with water.

With your drivetrain and bike now clean it’s time to give the most impressive product in the Namgear range a try – the Sierra7 bike polish/sealant. It’s the only Namgear product that’ll require any effort from your part, but given the results the couple of minutes it takes to rub down the bike are more than totally worth it. All you do is spray Sierra7 onto your partially dry frame (there can still be the odd bead of water on your bike) and let it dry. Once it’s completely dry use a lint-free cloth to wipe down the bike, removing the excess Sierra7. It’ll leave your ride shining brighter than it did the day it came out of the box, from your frame to your tyres and plastic components – everything is covered in a gleaming protective layer. Sierra7 also ensures the longevity of your bike by preventing rust and sun damage.

A number of bike shops, including Olympic Cycles, Revolution Cycles and Chris Willemse Cycles have been using Namgear’s products in their wash bays too, and their feedback has been exceptionally positive. And it’s also worth mentioning that Namgear is biodegradable (you can wash your bike on your lawn without damaging the grass) and carbon bicycle friendly.


Look out for Namgear in your local bike shop (if they’re not stocking it ask why not). You can expect to pay, R70 for the Bravo25 1l spray bottle, R160 for the Bravo25 5l refill, R90 for Charlie15 500mm spray bottle, and R95 for the Sierra7 1l spray bottle. For the bike shops Namgear is also available in 25 litre containers for commercial use.

Visit www.namgear.co.za for more info.

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