Test Zone: Specialized Propero Helmet 3 with ANGi

Reviewer: Frans le Roux

Back in July I went out and bought my second Specialized Propero helmet. This time around I had a more compelling argument why I needed another helmet. See, this Propero has a few new tricks up it’s sleeve. Firstly, it is now fitter with MIPS. MIPS (Multi- directional, Impact, Protection System) is an added safety feature built into a variety of helmets. It is found in the helmet between the comfort padding and rests snuggly on your head. According to the MIPS website their system can reduce harmful forces transmitted to the brain during a crash. Secondly, and the main reason I purchased the helmet was Specialized’s very own ANGi system. If you do tons of solo rides, ANGi is definitely worth a look. A small GPS tracking unit is fitted to the rear of the helmet and when paired with the Specialized riding app, it notifies your emergency contact list when your ride has started, ended or when you have crashed. No one likes to crash, but when you are unconscious ANGi will send an emergency alert along with your last known GPS location to your contacts! How brilliant is that? I’m glad to be living in 2020 where nifty tech like this is available.

Compared to my old Propero, this helmet is slightly heavier, and the fit is more secure thanks to MIPS. As a road / MTB helmet it offers great value for money. ANGi works fine as is quite accurate but the whole thing is let down by the Ride App. It struggles to keep recording, record my actual distance and is generally just unintuitive.

RRP: R2,300

Rating: 3.5 shocks

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